Violet Simon, is a Media and Lifestyle Brand based in London, United Kingdom that is aimed at empowering women.

Our mission at Violet Simon is to share authentic stories and insights of women from different backgrounds regardless of race, sexuality, gender and age. These stories and insights exemplify rising above cultural and societal stereotypes and constraints with the objective of inspiring women.

Every success or triumph comes with a story and a path filled with hurdles, and lessons. We engage women from all works of life to uncover these stories and lay them bare for other women to know they are not alone. We share these authentic stories of women whether they are popular or not; focusing not just on the tail end with glitz and glamour but on the journey to the glamour, the journey in the glamour, and especially journeys without glamour. We aim to give a voice to every woman; share their successes as well as their challenges.

We believe in equality of all sexes, women celebrating their bodies in any way they deem fit, embracing their sexuality, being free to embrace nudity as an art or lifestyle without being stigmatized. We believe in women pursuing their purpose with the support and tools needed to succeed and living the lives they want fearlessly.

Our operations are organised into five areas: Fashion, Lifestyle and Wellness, Beauty, Arts and Entertainment and ‘Fearless’.

Fashion– We tackle issues on body confidence and positivity, slut shaming, personal style and explore the journeys of both fashion producers as well as consumers. We cover fashion topics that arise in social and formal contexts as well as style tips, resources and guides.

Beauty:We also cover topics that help women overcome beauty stereotypes and help to focus on being and loving themselves.

Lifestyle and Wellness:From wellness to leisure, relationship, career, culture and more, we share stories and insights on these topics to foster better living for women.

Fearless: This is a project that promotes stories of women – from their journeys through hurdles, to the lessons and successes achieved through certain obstacles. It covers both past and present experiences. We aim to extend these series of articles to include events where women can come together to celebrate these stories and support each other.

Art and entertainment: We publish books, and other creative media as well as a weekly podcast. We use art – photography, illustrations, artwork, graphics as a way of creating stories, expressing our messages and empowering creatives and all women.

Our Magazine– Violet Simon Magazine is a cumulation of everything that our brand represents with a more personal and one on one feel. It is released biannually in both digital and print editions.