Guess what?? We are taking women empowerment and sisterhood to another level with our new magazine!!

Violet Simon Magazine Kickstarter Campaign

Hey guys!!! Guess what??!! We are finally starting up our magazine!!! Amazing right?? Yesss!! We’re so excited, overwhelmed, nostalgic and happy!!

We cannot do this without you guys. We need your support!!



Women are often told how to look, how to dress,  use their bodies, the type of careers they should pursue, the level of success they can achieve, how to be ‘good’ and dutiful to others making them abandon their needs, and what being beautiful is.

These are very limiting and Violet Simon Magazine is that platform where women are empowered to kick-ass everyday, be authentic, embrace their truth and grow. We believe in equality of all sexes, authenticity and that love is the force that connects all of us.

Violet Simon Magazine celebrates femininity and aims to empower women towards excellence, achieving their purpose, being authentic, embracing their truth and growing from the inside out.

In our Magazine, we would share stories, interviews and insights from women as well as men who use their work to empower women. From fashion to art, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle, our Magazine aims to empower women with the tools, insights and inspiration women need in their day to day life rather than creating pressure on women to conform to certain societal standards of an ideal woman.

Our first issue will include over a 110 pages of riveting stories of women from different works of life, insightful and empowering articles, beautiful compelling photographic illustrations celebrating and embracing femininity. Our Magazine will dig deep into real life issues and share authentic insights, opinions and experiences of women. Violet Simon Magazine will be released on a Quarterly basis. It’s a digital magazine but with limited editions of print.

We need you to make this vision come to life!! We need you. We need Violet Simon Magazine!! Please support our project on Kickstarter by contributing to it. Every contribution has a reward. Invest in us, invest in you, invest in other women and be part of change, growth and power. Go to Kickstarter to see our contribute and view our full campaign here.

Let’s do this!!

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