An individual’s style has an intricate and deep relationship with his or her sense of identity. Building Your Personal Style explores this relationship and takes you through the process of connecting your style with your sense of identity. In this book, you will learn the following:

1. How to understand and master the key elements of personal style including but not limited to maintaining a healthy self-esteem and confidence in style expressions.
2. Wardrobe cleansing. Building your personal style includes guidelines on managing the physical, emotional and psychological process of wardrobe cleansing.
3. How to make your routine and style choices complement each other. Whether you have a regular 9-5 routine, a busy career/life, or you are a stay at home individual, Building your personal style breaks down the why and how of styling your wardrobe items to nicely complement your routine.
4. Wardrobe essentials: foundations and building blocks of a wardrobe that would aid you in building your personal style.
5. Maximising your wardrobe. Building your personal style is filled with guidelines and tips to styling that would help you save money from impulse shopping for things where items already in your wardrobe would suffice. In this book, you will learn, with examples and illustrations, how to style one item into various looks for different occasions.

With over 140 images and illustrations, Building your personal style will empower you to think boldly, creatively, and resourcefully about the interplay between your personal identity and your style.