Violet Simon Magazine Issue 1 – Resilience

This is not a drill, our magazine has launched finally!!! Our very first issue!! Thank you for your support.

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Print is m from September 4th, 2018 and Digital is available from July 31st, 2018.


This issue explores the power of resilience and how we express this in our daily lives. Through the hurdles, lessons and wins, resilience is the process which is often difficult to have especially when you feel burnt out.

We interview a number of amazing and phenomenal women who share their stories, journeys and insights on how they rose above hurdles, deal with hurdles and celebrate their wins.

We see these women at their vulnerable stages and we draw strength from how powerful they have become through resilience.

This is not just a magazine, it’s a friend, a companion, a sister. You will follow these women through their journeys and connect with their experiences as these are things that some people experience daily, have experienced or have never experienced but need the inspiration to empower them towards their greatness.

From Grace F Victory to Dana of DoTheHotPants, to Celebrity Make-up artist Sheika Daley, to Plane crash survivor and singer- Kechi Okwuchi, to our beautiful and fierce cover star – Mich’elle Okoro and a host of other women who share their stories through interviews, articles and more. These women have risen and are still rising above cultural and societal stereotypes and constraints inspite of their struggles and hurdles, they are survivors, they are winners, they are winning.

Our magazine is released biannually in both digital and print editions.

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