Meditation is one of the most important aspects of wellness in everyday life. The process of meditating differs with different people.

Meditation is an act of self-care, unplugging from the noise of life and taking time out to  care for yourself, reinforce your self and thrive in day to day life is not something that should be taken for granted.

However you choose to meditate is up to you – either by listening to meditation coaches, doing yoga, or just pondering, musing, observing and connecting with the Spiritual and day to day life.

Meditation enables us to grow, heal and learn.  There are no specifics on where meditation can be done – you can meditate on your way to work, in the mornings, while running errands, trying to sleep or going about your daily routines. When life seems to be taking the piss, unplug for few minutes and as hard as it may be, do some mediation; it puts things in perspective and gives us the understanding and awareness we need in that moment.

Initially, it might seem boring and useless but as you keep practising the act of meditating, you begin to expose your being to a whole new era of love, compassion and growth.

Below are some very insightful and empowering mediation apps you will love to have and what they cater to.





This is such an amazing meditation app with a daily meditation session to set your day off.

It programs specific mediation sessions according to what you want to focus on; stress, anxiety, self-esteem, sleeping etc.

There are varieties of soothing background sounds to help ease your mind into the session, aid in sleeping and relaxing.

Their new masterclass with specialist from around the world is awesome especially in day to day life.


  • Free to download
  • Available on Apple and Androids
  • Monthly Subscription of £9.99 for unlimited access
  • Annual subscription of £44.99
  • Lifetime Payment – £299.99 (payment done once)





An app for wellness, beauty and lifestyle. With this app, you can book or join memberships from Yoga to gym classes, beauty spas and boot camps. You can explore places around you or in other cities on the  app or browse through recommendations in the app.


  • Free






If you’re new to meditation, you’ll love this app. It starts with helping you through the basics of meditation. With a monthly or annual subscription or lifetime payment, you can access a wide range of meditation sessions focused on various aspects to improve everyday life.






10% happier is specifically made for people skeptical or not constant with meditation. From their introductory basics which aid you on getting started with meditation, to the various timed sessions (3 minutes and above), featured video courses on specific topics that affect everyday life – anxiety, mental well-being, sleeping, stress etc) and access to chat with coaches; there’s something for everyone. Best part, most of the tools are free!!






This app was built specifically for busy people. While on the move, there are varieties of sessions to select from depending on what you need in that moment to empower you through out the day- lunch break, stress, moody, overwhelmed etc.

There are number of mediation sessions focused on issues that will help improve your day to day life


Annual subscription – £93.99

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