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She is as savvy as she is stylish; Beverly Beal Jr. has a passion for fashion that is undeniable. She is a designer consignment boutique owner and a fashion blogger. A Detroit native, Beverly was inspired by fashion very early. Leaving her hometown to attend college in Atlanta, Georgia she received her bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. It was in college that she discovered another passion and that was law. She went on to receive her law degree in Entertainment Law. But sometime in between her love triangle between fashion and law she began consigning, what started as a hobby soon turned into her own Consignment Boutique called Loved Labels. The fashion industry treated her very well, so well that she decided to create her own fashion outlet in the form of her blog Life in Beverly Heels. Although her plate is full right now, Beverly admits that becoming an attorney, opening her consignment shop, and starting her fashion blog is just the tip of the iceberg. While personifying vibrancy, panache, and class; she plans to continue to empower others through fashion. Her life’s motto is “I’ve always been a go-getter, and I just so happen to “go get it” in style.”
We had the privilege of featuring Beverly who has shared some tips on how to manage a busy life/career. You can view her blog here: 
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There really is no real system for being organised.  What may work for you, may not work for someone else. My secret weapon for staying organised and on track is my Day Planner. That’s right I still use and write in pencil in a day planner. Call me old school but this method works for me. No phone apps or computer notes I like to write everything down myself. I plan my day to the hour; it doesn’t always go as planned of course but it definitely keeps me ahead of the curve and from getting behind. I’m involved in so many things, hence, I break my life into sections; for example, there is my blog, my work as an attorney, my consignment business, and then my personal life i.e. errands and tasks.
In order to stay sane and productive, there are some steps I implement which makes me manage my busy life/career easily.
Step one: Break your life down into sections, this may be the hardest part but getting it out of your brain and writing it down in front of you is a huge step to getting yourself organised. List every facet of your life whether it’s your work, your kids, your business etc. As I stated above this list could be extensive and hard to do but once it’s out of your head and you can see the compete list, a part of you would become a little less overwhelmed.
Step two: Once you have a list of everything you’re involved in, go to each section and list everything that needs to be done in that section. While doing this step you must determine how large this task is and for how long this obligation will go on. For example I’ve recently started a YouTube channel for my blog. The main section would be my blog, the subsection would be YouTube and the to do list in that section would be creating video content every other week. In order for you to make your “to do list” for each section, you will have to decide whether you should be planning for the next few days, a week, or even for the next month.
Step three: After making the list for each section, its time to make some deadlines. Of course, the time sensitive things get priority, and as for the larger task, don’t be afraid to break them up into sub-sections and execute each thing over time. This I struggled with myself. I’m the type of person who wants to get everything done all at once. I soon realised that taking my time and slowly making progress makes for a much more satisfying result.
Step four: Now that you have everything in front of you; you’ve made a schedule for each section, a subsection, and a to do list. The time has come to execute!!! Make it a habit to keep the deadlines you set in step three. If you give this formula a try, it could possibly help you get organised and stay organised. But as I mentioned above, what works for me may not for you. Whatever your method is do it and stick to it, because in my opinion an organised life is a happy life.

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