Makeup isn’t just about applying cosmetics on your face. It’s about maintaining your face and skin to always look radiant.

During the hot weather when the sun gets real cruel on our skins, it is important and very useful to get a good sunscreen. Some makeup products also have sunscreen added to the foundation, powder, primer etc.

Washing the face regularly is also important. I always like to use a facial scrub as well, this makes my skin feel so soft and tender but  it is not a fundamental aspect of skin softness or glow. The important things are what you take into your stomach and having a good rest. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Lots of vegetables like carrots, cucumber, lettuce, spinach etc, these are all very good for the skin.

If you eat properly, wash your face properly with a nice shower gel or facial gel, you are good. Avoid using water to wash off your makeup. Use a facial wipe as these wipes take off the makeup properly and then you can wash off with soap.

Make up is another interesting part of our looks ladies!! Using the right products is very important and it could be really hard to find the right product that suits your skin. It took me a long time to identify what makeup brand works for me. Prior to that, I might use a foundation that doesn’t sit well on my face or makes my face looked cracked giving my make up a very tacky finish, or the lipstick I use ends up having particles or just doesn’t last giving my lips a very unkept, tacky finish. I finally found the products that work best for me and most women and I’ll share some of them with you.

Your makeup adds to your personality. You don’t have to use lipsticks to look good. A good brown powder and foundation could do the work for you and your CONFIDENCE does the rest.

Let me start by saying if you must do makeup, then learn how to do it right. Moderation is also key. Your face is very important and aside using makeup, you must ensure that you take good care of your face.

Do you want to have a natural look always or do you like to have attention on your face? I used to like red lipstick and so much elaborate makeup until decided I just wanted natural makeup and it suits me well. So you decide.

I always suggest having a small kit in your handbag when going to work or going out just in case you get sweaty or the makeup smears. It is important to pay attention to these areas. Imagine going to see a client with smeared foundation and lipstick.

I will recommend some brands for the lips, eyes and the face for makeup and also brands for facials and skin care.


  • MAC


  • BLACK UP ( black up was specifically made for women with colour)
  • MAC


  • MAC


  • DOVE

Like I said, you do not have to rub all the condiments on your face in makeup. Using the right foundation and powder is a starting point and for those who don’t use other makeup like lipsticks and co, your foundation and powder should stand out. For those with rough face, oily face and spot, using the primer is very useful before foundation as it smoothens your skin and keeps your makeup fresh all day.

Your makeup is a reflection of your personality as well. Feel free to pick a day and walk into a makeup store and try some items to identify that works for you and what doesn’t.



In all that has been discussed, the most important is maintenance.  Even if you follow all these steps but do not maintain a good, clean and neat look you will still not achieve anything.  Appearance matters a lot and here are things that you should not trivialize:

  • HAIR: As discussed before, you must ensure that your hair is neat and maintained well at all times. If you can’t afford to fix every time, get a wig and ensure you look neat every time. It is advisable to stay off fixing regularly, give your hair some air and go on wigs sometimes. Wearing the best clothes and having a mess of a hair ruins the whole look. Wash your hair regularly as discussed in hairstyles section, comb your hair, and don’t get too carried away with work that your hair looks like you just got electrocuted. Pay attention to your hair ladies!!
  • COLOGNE: Yes!! This is a part of your maintenance. You can’t afford to have an unpleasant smell. You might wonder what this has got to do with fashion. Yes it has everything to do with it. You don’t want to look nice and fancy and then you are labelled ‘the stylish woman with an odour’. Ensure you have a good cologne on. Do not worry about getting the most fancy designer cologne. A nice decent cologne will do.
  • MAKEUP: Like I have said before, ensure that your makeup is well put. Knowing how to apply lipstick, powder and all the condiments that come with good makeup is important. If you must wear makeup, do it well and right. Your hair is an important part of your body and what people see, it says a lot about you. Makeup is not just about cosmetics but also how you maintain your face. Ensure to use makeup removers and sunscreens to protect your skin from the harsh sun when it comes out but most of all avoid going under the sun if you can. Moisturizers are very good for the skin and face as well. Above all, too much of everything isn’t good so once in a while, let your face breathe from cosmetics.
  • APPEARANCE: Your outlook like we have discussed is very important. So please do not underestimate ironing your cloth before wearing it. An outfit can be really nice but when not well ironed it defeats the purpose and doesn’t look nice. Wash your outfits when dirty, do not overlook that dress or blouse or skirt or pants that has a loose seam or has a tacky sewing thinking no one will notice. Ensure and endeavor to always pay attention to things you think people might not notice. Your shoes should also be give attention to. Clean up your shoes if they are dusty, clean the insides of your shoes as it is very hygienic to do so.  All these contribute to your appearance as little as they are.

Having a stylish look is beyond dressing well, it’s about your comportment, the little things you take for granted because they all add up to your personality and foster a thriving career. Your company is a mirror of yourself so take care of yourself.



*Pictures as seen on Pinterest

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