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Ife of MahoganyFaye shares some insightful tips on how having a healthy night routine makes for a fabulous morning. With a little insight to her personal night routine, you’ll love, laugh and learn a lot from this article. We all need a good night routine to jump start our mornings, right?

Scroll down to read this educative, fun and exciting piece on a healthy night routine.

A healthy night time routine is so important, just as important as a morning routine if not more important. A great morning routine sets you up for a good night sleep, so you can recharge and be ready to go the next day. In my opinion, how you start the day and end the day are the only two things you can control; well, most of the time anyways.  Below, I will be sharing my little tips on maintaining a healthy night routine for a kickass morning.

First thing I do after a long day is light candles and my current favorite is the Yinka Orisan 100% soy scented candle it smells so good and relaxes me while I make dinner and go about my nightly routine.

In the perfect life, dinner will be before 7pm so that I give room for my food to digest. However, life is not perfect so if dinner is later than 7pm, I try to eat a light dinner before 8:30pm. That way you still have a few hours for your food digestion before bedtime.

After dinner, I clean up, make lunch for the next day, check emails, read blogs I’m subscribed to, talk to family, friends and watch some shows on Netflix (current favorites: the get down, Luke Cage, and The Originals). Afterwards, I do some exercises especially sit ups (I hate sit ups, but I’m trying to keep my stomach tight)

After that, I Open my bedroom windows to clear out any hot, stuffy air. I take a shower (preferably a cool one) to rinse off and bring down my body temperature. Sometimes, I have a hot bath, but I make sure it’s 2 hours before bed because it takes a long time for the body to cool down after a bath. Then, I go into my night time facial routine.

Rubbing lotion/oil on my body is my favorite part of the night because I have dry skin. I rub coconut oil all over my feet and wear my nighttime furry socks to help seal in the moisture. I use coconut oil and Shea butter throughout my body, and put on my pyjamas. I lower my thermostat to about 70 -74 degrees Fahrenheit, believe it or not, the body associates a room lower temperature with sleep. Finally, I make myself a cup of tea; my current favorite tea is the Tazo passion herbal tea that I received as a part of a box from a company called “Mybestbox”. As I sip on the tea, I listen to some jazz music like Sade while writing down my to do list for the next day to keep me organized.

When my to-do list is done, I make sure my wake-up alarm is set and put my phone on Do not disturb.  At this time, I turn the candles off, I say my prayers, read my bible and most of the time I fall asleep right after. However, some night when my brain really needs to wind down, I get a book to read till I fall asleep.


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