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We had the joyous opportunity to get some tips on keeping fit from Mrs Chizomam Emeje. She is the founder and Managing director of Troop Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This is not your average article as she uses her medical expertise to enlighten us on how to keep fit and stay healthy. For more health tips and other services, you can visit the website here: Troop Pharmaceuticals

Keep reading for all the juicy and enlightening tips on keeping fit and staying healthy

When people talk of keeping fit, what readily comes to mind  is how to be slim, maintain body mass index ( a function of your weight and height) within adequate limit.

It will surprise you to know that keeping fit goes beyond that, though it is an integral part of keeping fit.

The body of man is a system that works together. The well being of the physical, (body), psychological (mind) and spiritual aspects of man, working in harmony is important and the state of repose in these areas is mandatory for one to assert he or she is keeping fit.



How do you keep the body fit in a day filled with activities? To tell some of us to ensure we visit the gym is an uphill task. Come to think of it, how many gyms did my fore-fathers in the 16th century go to? Yet, they were often fit and many enjoyed longevity. The body is not made to be static. Place an organ like your leg fixed in a cast for one month. Remove the cast and you will be amazed at the rigidity. Frequent and intermittent movement, utilization and relaxation of every organ you use is imperative to keep fit.

In a day, you may not be able to go to the gym but you can achieve the optimal no of steps required to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your body fit and living. There are step counters (pedometers) approved and standardized which you can wear all day long. It helps you and motivates you to move around more often as the World Health Organization’s target is about 10000 steps in a day (this is about 5 miles or 7 km). Instead of using the remote control for several things, you will cultivate the habit of moving to do it physically. Instead of asking the secretary, Grace, to go get the files, you will discover you will prefer doing it yourself-just to keep fit and trim. Instead of hiring the gardener, you may just enjoy doing it yourself or joining the gardener to do it. Talk to me here- are we not returning to the 15th, 16th century? But that’s more like it to keep fit.You may also want to climb the stairs instead of using the escalators or run the stairs if you are younger and with a perfect heart.

You may want to come down the next bus stop and walk home- the pedometer is counting.

In keeping fit, every organ is important. IT world, it is. We type a lot, use our fingers a lot. Our eyes are often glued to the computers and our mobile phones. Relax the fingers. Make a fist, tighten the fist and relax intermittently. There are braces that can be worn too to protect the wrist. The physiotherapist can advise you. Also, you can take a walk into a pharmacy and purchase or order for some of these appliances.

Never keep your eyes glued to the computer for a long time without looking at a far distance intermittently like every 5 to 10 minutes. Relax the muscles of the eyes by so doing. Even if you are reading a book, take the eyes off and look far. Also, shut the eyes for a few seconds, take a deep breath and relax your mind intermittently. Never sit for too long in the office without moving around. Remember, the body was never created to be static. My late father, Pa Michael Ekechukwu was born in 1921 but long before science laid emphasis on these, I watched him live this way and say some of them. He was not making sense but now, we all see the importance.

Worried About Abdominal Obesity?

Like we said, you may not have time to go to the gym or it may be like taking a child to school forcefully (what a punishment) but there are ways of enjoying everything. I always tell people to form the habit of tucking in the tummy while standing, while sitting,while in the kitchen, while walking etc. Try this out and you will be amazed at the pressure you will experience: Stand against the wall lift your heel as though you want to tip top but face the wall with your chin against the wall, tuck in your stomach, hold on there and count up to 30 or as long as you can but not less than 30. Relax the tummy.

Away from the wall, you can also do this intermittently while talking with your family. You can walk about the house intermittently, with tucked in tummy, holding it fast and in a tip toe movement then relax. As you form the habit of holding in the tummy even when walking on the road and standing ( don’t tip toe on the road please-that would look absurd), you will discover your tummy is being pushed in and you will have mastery of the muscles. This does not rule out sensible diet.

How Much Water Do You Take?

The importance of water in keeping fit cannot be over-emphasized. The average water consumption is 3litres, especially in tropical environment where there is a lot of fluid losses due to perspiration. Adequate intake of water affects all organs including the skin.

Make it a habit and you will soon enjoy every sip of it.


The Mind

What do you feed you mind with?

A corrupted, angry, resentful, unforgiving, bitter mind is very sick and unfit. You have the right to choose what you put into your mouth as well as what you put into your mind. What you feed your mind with will be grossly influenced by what you hear, what you watch and what you pay attention to. You may have a lot of fight trying to buff off so many insects of fear, hate and lust when you have tuned to the wrong channel. Eat well so your system will be fit. A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, if not more important.


The Spirit

A renewed spirit is the bed rock of all things and the best way to achieve and maintain fitness.

It is the spring bud and sparks off the ability to break off from unhealthy habits that make your body unfit through untamed appetites.

You see that Keeping Fit is not as Algebraic as it is made to sound. It stems from a determination to be healthy, a determination to maintain healthy lifestyle all through the day. Life is not meant to be regimented. Enjoy each second, each minute, each hour, each day and make it a Lifestyle to always Keep Fit.  Don’t leave the little babies out. Make your child form the habit of keeping fit from the womb. Enjoy mild exercises when pregnant and when they are born, teach them good eating habits and games that keep them moving rather than glued to the TV set and all that. Catch them young!



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