There are so many people who don’t like the job they do. There are probably a thousand reasons people do not enjoy their job – It could be they are bored of their job, took the job out of circumstances but never had a passion for the job and so on. However, there are also ways to enjoy your job and live a happy and free life.

  • Mind-set: The mind-set of disliking your job is also the solution to loving your job no matter what the reasons are. You need to change your mind-set because the mind is very powerful. When your mind is poised towards disliking your job, you become very conscious of it, enjoy your job less and become frustrated and grumpy. When you change your mind-set and keep having positive thoughts towards your job in spite of how your boss treats you, how boring the job is or whatever reasons you have, you’ll grow to start enjoying your job. It starts with your mind and then your mouth. So have a happy mind-set towards your job and confess it with your mouth. I used to be so negative about almost everything and found no joy in certain things I needed to do. I was working in a company and it was a company I liked but the atmosphere, the people and the department I was moved to was just not what I wanted. Every time I said I hated my job, I hated it more than the previous time. Though I was good at what I did, I was very unhappy. One day, I decided to try a different approach. I spoke to my dad prior to that and he told me that I must be content with where I am and it is not going to be forever, there was a reason I was put in that place. He asked what impact I had made and what did I want to be known for when I left? What legacy did I want to leave behind? Ding dong!! That was a reality check. I decided to have a new outlook on things. I stopped thinking and believing I hated my job even when things happened to make me almost say ‘to hell with this!!’ I gave it my all and tried to make more impact and do more things. I stopped feeling sad anytime I had to go to work and I always looked forward doing my job and working with my boss. When I was leaving, my boss said she’ll miss me dearly that I was the most effective person she had worked with and I made things easy for her. I was able to make long lasting network with some of my colleagues and this has helped me today both in my career and personal life. So honey, change your mind-set – always say and think good things about your job. It’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible to do.
  • Do what you love: It’s important to do what makes you happy and what you have a passion for. If you are doing something that you do not have a passion for out of pressure from family or friends, etc., walk away and do what makes you happy and fulfilled. You can be very good and successful at what you do but if that isn’t what you have a passion, chase you in-born passion especially if you have the opportunity to do what you love. Money and people’s opinion shouldn’t be the motive for doing a job you have no passion for. Never be moved by pleasing people at the expense of your life and destiny. However, there are some people who find themselves in jobs they do not like but have to do in order to get to where they want. If you find yourself in a job you don’t like but do out of circumstances or reasons best known to you, appreciate what you have and use that to get virtues and skills that you’ll need for your primary goal. I like to refer to the story of Joseph in the bible. He went through different types of jobs that were just not palatable. In the process, he was accused, jailed and so on. He had to go through that path and undertake the jobs for a greater purpose. He didn’t have a choice, circumstances kept throwing those job paths and experiences across his way. However, he utilized every opportunity given to him and made sure he was the best at what he did. Eventually, he became the governor of Egypt!! All the jobs he took prepared him for the bigger picture. Let me quickly add here that I mean genuine and honest jobs not jobs that will make you compromise your dignity, humanity and sacrifice your conscience.
  • Humility: Thinking that you are ‘too big’ to be at the level you are or doing the job you are doing is a very dangerous mind-set. It won’t make you enjoy your job no matter how ‘cool’ the job is. Humility is one of the fastest ways to being successful and winning favour before God and before man. People are attracted to humble people. Success is attracted to humble people. Be confident but humble. The difference between humility and pride is pride comes with anger, strife and so much frustration. Humility comes with happiness, peace and favour. Be content with what you have but aim for more, not out of anger or in a bid to prove a point or get back at someone. Aim to be better but always stay humble at the job you are.
  • Focus: We are all on a journey and our destination is still right in front of us. We need to keep pushing. In order for this to happen, we must stay focused and not get distracted by things that don’t matter. Ask yourself what you want in life? What do you want to take away from your job? How much of an impact do you want to make? What are your goals both present and futuristic? You might not have the blueprint of all the answers but you will have an idea of where you are going and let that keep driving you. When you are focused on the end game, you will live to enjoy your current job knowing that it is a path to a bigger and greater tomorrow. I am always content at where I am yet still focused and aiming for bigger and greater things.
  • Ambition: I am ambitious. At a point in my life I was over-ambitious and I had to learn how to balance over-ambition with being humble, fierce, genuine yet ambitious in a positive way. It’s important to be ambitious but there has to be a balance so you don’t lose yourself. Set your goals, reach for them, work and walk towards them. Knowing where you are going helps you to know what you want from the job you do and how you can effectively cause a positive impact. You begin to think outside the box and utilize many ways that you can reach your goals and get to your destination through that job. With this ‘can-do’ attitude, you’ll be more excited about your job and keep pushing yourself to greater heights.
  • Give your all: Give your all to your job and do it like you own it. Giving half-hearted commitment will not yield good results and will not make you happy. When you are given a task to do, do it and do it well. You could be giving your all to your job but your heart is not in it. This will make you not enjoy your job because your hands are in it but your heart is not. So give your heart and hands to your job. Commit to it.
  • Motive: Your motive just like your mind-set can affect how you relate to your job. What is your motive? Do you want to create an impact or you are just interested only in your salary? What values do you want to add to the people around you and the company you work in? What values and skills do you want to gain from the company and people around you? Be motivated with what you do while you aim for higher and greater things. Look for ways to make your job more exciting. What is your motive? Do people look up to you? Your motive affects your outlook on things. If your motive is to make an impact and be successful, you’ll thrive to ensure that you affect the place of work you are.
  • Positivity: Focus on the positive things about your job. It might be just one person or a very little aspect of your workplace that lightens your day. Perhaps you think there’s nothing good to look forward to? Look around you, relax and sieve your thoughts with positivity; there will be one thing no matter how insignificant it is that makes you happy about your job. It might be the thought of achieving your goals and getting to where you want to be through that job.  Let that be a mojo for you to always aim to come to work and give it your all.
  • BE GRATEFUL!!: Remember, you have a job. There are a million and one people who would kill to be in your shoes, so be grateful for what you have while you aim to grow higher. Be grateful for where you are. Look back and reflect, look forward – aim beyond the stars and be grateful.

Above all, PRAY!! Yes!! Prayer is a very powerful tool that can unlock many doors. You don’t like your job? Pray!! You don’t like how your colleagues treat you? Pray!! So many things wrong with your job? Pray!! You don’t know what the matter is? Pray!! Just pray. It starts with you and Jesus. Pray and ask Jesus to give you the strength and grace to pull through, point you in the right direction and prepare you for the next phase.

In a book that T.D Jakes wrote called Destiny, he wrote: “Sometimes the skills you gain in your pursuit of Destiny have more to do with building character and internal fortitude than with a particular skill set. You may learn the patience and attention to detail needed to run a specialty company while working in a menial entry-level job. I know from personal experience that nothing you have been through will be wasted. All you have been exposed to and all that you have experienced are in the repository that builds your future. You never know what tidbit of information or seemingly insignificant experience will become the bedrock of your destiny.”

Thanks for reading!!



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