GIRLFRIENDS is a podcast run by Sophia Ukor, founder of Violet Simon. We share insights and authentic stories that affect women on a day to day basis. We discuss feminism, lifestyle, wellness, relationships, career, culture, identity and life in general.

Imagine having a a nice time with your girlfriends, sipping some wine, putting aside all the pressures of life, and enjoying moments of laughter, positivity, and love. On GIRLFRIENDS, you can expect not to be judged because of differences in opinion. We encourage expressiveness in a manner that is most liberating. Come join us and be part of the family. I promise you it won’t be a dull moment. We are officially launching in a few days. Launch date to be announced shortly.

Feel free to drop us an email on questions you have and will like to hear about on the show. I’ll try my best to give feedback on the ones I can respond to.

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