Feminism is a movement that has been for decades even before the word ‘feminism’ was conceived. It has become very prominent in our society today with a lot of women and even men rising up to the occasion and supporting this movement of women rights, equality and women empowerment.  Recently, fashion has been greatly used to influence the feminist movement more than ever before.

Feminism encapsulates a lot of issues but all centred on the rights of women in all areas of life, from working conditions to domestic affairs, fashion, body image, identity, politics and a host of other issues.

…feminism goes deep into the culture, identity and background of a woman.

We have women like Eleanor Roosevelt who preached women’s right before the word feminism was conceived, Marlene Dietrich who used fashion to make her statement; wearing men suits and trousers when it was considered a taboo back in the day, Betty Friedman who was an activist for feminism, Gloria Steinem who is often referred to as the mother of feminism, Coretta Scott King – wife of Martin Luther King  who devoted her life to women equality, Oprah Winfrey and a host of so many other women who have helped to shape the concept of feminism to what it is today.

Dating back to the time when fashion personalities like Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and a host of many other revolutionary women used style, creativity and fashion to change the definition and perception of womanhood and fashion as we know it, the gospel of feminism slowly began to seep into the fashion industry and the awareness of how powerful a tool fashion is for a radical and revolutionary movement such as feminism.

Today, we see it on the streets, on the runway, on TV, magazines, everywhere.

For me, feminism goes deep into the culture, identity and background of a woman. The quest for women empowerment is all interwoven with the identity of a woman and her ability to take charge of what makes her a human being first which is her identity; this informs the concept of women being powerful, embracing their bodies, being confident, equality between both genders and so much more.

Fashion is the world’s most used avenue for making statements be it in politics, fashion, media, etc.

The identity of a woman is like a tree and other factors such as fearlessness, leadership, education, awareness, self-love, equality, empowerment etc., are the branches. These branches cannot be effectively  communicated or handled when the core of the woman which is her identity is lost.

Fashion has been used in recent times to cause an awakening of the identity of a woman. Various fashion idols and powerful women have been used either on the runway or magazine covers, TV shows, movements, fashion collections etc., to bring this awareness to more limelight.

Women have become such strong voices that cannot easily be shut down. Women are beginning to take charge of their lives, support each other and be fearless.

Fashion is the world’s most used avenue for making statements be it in politics, fashion, media, etc.

Fashion brands like Dior created a revolutionary fashion statement on feminism  with the quote ‘we should all be feminists’ during the Spring 2017 runway show. This T-shirt has been worn by women from all over the world and has been used to make a statement on feminism.

There has also been other feminist movements where fashion labels have collaborated with some influential women on projects empowering feminism. Such projects like ‘free the nipple campaign’, ‘the lonely girls project’ by luxury lingerie line – lonely lingerie, the T-shirt with the quote “I’m with her” in support of Hilary Clinton who would have been the first female president in the history of America and so many other projects.

It’s no news that the fashion industry is a woman’s world.  Though there are still politics and issues in the industry, the fashion industry is predominantly the woman’s world.

Brands are beginning to have a flare for creating items that are tailored to empowering women. It’s no longer about the trendy items being strutted down the runway (of course, trendy items still have a say in the consumer market), but the messages behind such pieces and what they mean to the woman wearing it.

In recent times, pace setters like former first lady of America, Michelle Obama, Award winning Singer – Alicia Keys, Award winning Singer and Actress – Beyonce, Tennis Player – Serena Williams, Former First Lady and Presidential candidate – Hilary Clinton and a host of other women have stood up to speak using various movements and projects encouraging women to be leaders and empowered.

You will realize that most of these women are not just noted for their messages but by how they use their fashion style to send across an empowering message.

DVF founder, has used her fashion brand to encourage and inspire women from all over the world to feel empowered. Her clothes are more of a movement than a trendy cloth on the rack.

Fashion is being used to express very strong standpoints on women empowerment. Fashion is what we see in our everyday life, hence, it is very easy to grasp  a message being sent across the world through fashion. Fashion is us, one way or another we are connected to fashion.

We believe feminism in fashion will not fade away as we continue to see a lot of brands rise up to the occasion of using fashion to create movements for different causes, feminism being a paramount cause.


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