We all want to be successful in all that we do but sometimes we fail to understand what success truly entails. Often, we substitute being rich with success. We feel that when we are very wealthy, then we are successful. Well, sorry to break it to you but a person can be wealthy but not successful.

http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/the-new-definitions-success.html. Here is a link of intriguing definitions of success. These are not the type of definitions you see every day not even in the dictionary but these really define success.

Success is much more important than wealth because true happiness comes from success. When you aim for success by making it a priority, other things such as money etc., fall in line. Do not make the mistake of making anything you do or think of be wealth oriented.

Success like every other things has certain elements. With these elements, you will be able to know if you are headed down a successful path or downhill.



No one can have your vision for you. No one!! You are the one with the foresight and only you can have your own vision. We all have different God-given talents and paths and we are the only ones who are able to know what our vision is.

So, what is your vision? Some people have more than one career path or business (like me). However, there must be a vision and the vision usually covers every aspect of what you do no matter how diverse your businesses or career paths are.

I always asked myself what my vision was. Actually, I took some years off work, to figure out what exactly my vision was. This is the bedrock of everything you do in life and if your vision is not right, every other thing will crumble.

Wanting to be rich, having the finer things in life etc., are not visions, they might be goals but not visions. Wanting to have lots of kids, get married, become a partner in a company etc., are not visions but goals. However, sometimes we confuse our goals with our visions and this makes us myopic and frustrated because something always seems off.

It could be to create value and growth through the things you do in a certain area or way, It could be anything. It’s important to note that, your vision embraces every goal regarding the things you want to do. In order to have vision or foresight, you need wisdom and not human wisdom but wisdom from God to help direct you. Most successful people always have a vision. They see what they want and set their goals to fall in line with their vision. The likes of Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Armancio Ortega etc., didn’t get to where they are without a vison. Before you take any step further ask yourself what your vision is and if it’s unclear, take some time to really understand what your vision is. You’ll realize that when this is understood, everything about your life and the steps/ decisions you need to make regarding certain areas of your life will become easier to understand, perceive, know and do.


In order to go far, you must be faithful in little and faithful till the end. According to Google, Perseverance means ‘persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.’ Other words for perseverance are diligence, endurance, dedication, commitment, tenacity etc.

Every job, business and/or career has its own challenges. What brings such things to fruition is faithfulness (perseverance) in the little or much that you find to do. When you persevere and do not back down at any and every slightest obstacle, you’ll be better for it eventually. This is why it’s important to have a vision. When you have a vision for something, someone or yourself, it makes you persevere. This brings me to the next topic PASSION.


This goes hand in hand with perseverance. Passion is what pushes you to keep persevering until you get what you want. The passion for a thing is what makes you hold still when you want to give up and walk away.

Passion is a vital element of success. Without passion, it’s easy to give up and walk away from a thing or a person, especially when it looks like there isn’t hope, or there’s been lots of failures and/or obstacles. Most of the successful people in the world today, had not only vision but perseverance and passion. This made them try as many times as possible until they got the results they wanted and succeeded in all they did. Today they are trailblazers for you and I.

  1. GOALS

According to Google, ‘a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result’. Other names for goal are target, aim, objectives etc. For one to be successful, there must be a goal you aim to achieve with or through that project. There must be a purpose for that project. When we set goals, it makes us have some form of direction and focus and not get distracted by things on the side that will not take us to our destination. You might set goals for the year, for a particular project etc. To be successful is to set goals.


This goes hand in hand with perseverance.  Good things they say come to those who wait. Have you ever been in a situation where you wait for something for so long and then give up but just immediately you give up, that thing you waited for so long for came through? That could be so heart-breaking and frustrating. Don’t let impatience deprive you of all your efforts and gain. Every successful person has learned one way or the other to be patient. I say every because anyone who does not know how to be patient cannot truly say they are successful.

It is also important to take your time to do things and not rush into anything as if the world is coming to an end. Being patient in life and every aspect of life is very rewarding and could save you from catastrophic decisions or pathways.

Success is weighed by lots of things and patience is a valuable ingredient on the road to success.


It takes discipline to run a business, to get to the peak of your goals and aspirations etc; it takes discipline to do anything. According to Wikipedia; ‘Discipline is the suppression of base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with restraint and control. Self-discipline is to some extent a substitute for motivation. Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desires, which may be the opposite of excited’.

This pretty much sums it up.  There will be things that might seem ‘necessary’ or ‘lawful’ for us to do but are they really expedient? Will they have a negative and ripple effect on the long term vision and goal you have? Will spending all your money on liabilities rather than assets cause a hampering effect on your road to success? The fact everyone is going in a particular way doesn’t mean you must follow the crowd. In order to be successful, there has to be discipline otherwise you might wake up one day and realise that you have been on the same spot for years because of the lack of discipline in your choices and lifestyle.


There will be times when you need to say no or take huge gigantic ‘out-of-the-box’ steps, we need boldness to achieve that. Fear of the unknown, fear of failing and all kinds of fear is only going to make you stagnant. I used to be so paranoid and pessimistic about everything because I thought I had always tried and failed. I always saw the worst case scenario and got scared when I needed to make huge steps. However, any time I took a leap of faith against my fears and all odds, I always came out on top.

People love bold people, it’s like a magnet that attracts certain people to you. You have to be bold and confident to assert the things you want. I mean this in a positive way and not in a negative way. Even in the face of danger, fears and woes, if you need to take bold steps, do it. Don’t be a people’s pleaser, don’t be a pessimist, don’t be fearful just do and if you have to do it afraid, do it anyway!!


Being successful isn’t just measured with how wealthy you are or how famous you are. There are certain elements in life that also add to your success. Family is one of them amongst other things. It’s important to create time for things and people that matter. You must not become so ambitious that you end up not having a life of your own. You must always create some ‘me-time’, to enjoy the fruits of your labour and the things and people that matter. A person is truly successful when they are able to balance everything around them and keep it sane.


This is very much underestimated today especially in the selfish world we live in. We always overlook and underestimate the power of kindness which we show to people. The little thank you’s, heartfelt hugs and kisses, the God bless you’s etc., go a long way for you more than you think. The fact nobody showed you kindness doesn’t mean you should do the same to others; as a matter of fact, you should do the opposite because you know how it feels to be ill-treated.

We get so wrapped up in our world that we fail to help people who need our help. A person who shows kindness to people can never lack anything and will always get to the peak of what they want.

Perhaps, you show kindness and people never reciprocate? Well, showing kindness to people should not be to expect the same in return from others or the same people. It’s a selfless act and it goes a long way. It does cost much to be kind. Little acts of smiling, care, affection and giving change people’s lives. Show some kindness.


I don’t mean education in the traditional sense of it; in terms of going to school and what not. True success comes to people who always stay informed on things around them, in the world, their business, family, career, job field etc. This helps you know how to handle things better. If you’re trying to go into a kind of business, a new job opportunity, a new career path or a new phase in life, it’s important to educate yourself in that regard. You don’t have to get a degree or what not to achieve that. The world is evolving and you will be amazed at the things you find online. Take advantage of that and learn. Watch and read things that happen around you.

Now going to school isn’t a bad thing. I went to school and I have lots of degrees. However, that isn’t the end of the road as many would think. Education is a continuous thing. To be successful, you need to stay informed and in the loop of things especially the ones that affect you and the cause(s) you are walking towards. It is part of growth.


 If you want to get to the peak you better watch the crowd you keep. People who don’t share the same values and beliefs with you, or who don’t move you forward need to be left behind. I have let go of lots of people and the more I grow and aim higher, the less my crowd becomes. If you need to cut off some people, please do so. It’s not everyone that will follow you to where you are going. You need people who share the same vision as you and who will lift you and inspire you.

Even if it’s just one person in the world, that’s perfect. Matter of fact, that’s the best. I’ve become a lover of less is more actually for me it’s ‘least is most’.

There are some people that are supposed to serve a purpose in your life for just a little while; and there are some people who are to follow you all the way. When you know where you’re going, you would know who should follow you and who needs to go. Curb your crowd and get to your destination.


Change they say is constant. Sometimes, it’s hard to adapt to change especially when it’s out of your comfort zone. However, change is the best thing that happens to us. You must be able to adapt to whatever change comes your way; otherwise, you end up getting frustrated, angry and stagnant.

Often I have realized that the changes I thought were bad for me turned out to be the best things in my life. Change is good. Embrace change. They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonades out of it. That means being able to adapt to change and whatever challenge(s) comes your way by making the best out of it and learning to enjoy it.  Change moves you forward and it’s a vital necessity for success.

  1. JESUS

Last but not the least, Jesus. I cannot over emphasise the importance of knowing and walking with Jesus. Making Him your best friend in all that you do. With everything I have written, you can only derive strength and the wisdom to do them with Jesus. So if you don’t have Him, I suggest you get to know Him and don’t underestimate the power of His ways and wisdom. I have never regretted choosing to obey and include Him in all the things I do.  I’m sure you won’t.


Thanks for reading.




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