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From being a girl next door and just a girl who was crazy for fashion and media, Angel has become a sensational fashion and media influencer.

She has broken rules in fashion and gone against the norms in style, career and lifestyle. She is bold and has done very well for herself at a young age.

She has  a lot to offer women both young and old and we were very thrilled to interview her.

As well as getting to know more about who Angel is, this Interview is packed with a lot of inspiration and enlightenment on various issues encountered in everyday life.

Who is Angel?

Angel is an interesting, soulful resilient, passionate woman with a lot of determination and will. Occasionally, I like to be referred as the lady with creativity and grace.


When did you start blogging?

I started officially blogging in November 2015.


How did you come about blogging?

I have always been very interested in curating quality content to feed my eyes and when I got the chance to curate content for other people using my personal style I just thought, ‘oh well. I should do this.’


What do you currently do?

I am a lifestyle journalist.


From a girl next door and upcoming blogger, you have become a fashion and beauty influencer. How has that been?

 Looking all the way back to 2015 when I started my journey with my very close pals. We were just three friends with a dream and lots of potential. I must add that it has not been a bed of roses. The journey has been filled with lots of tears and pain but I have had to be persistent and consistent. Not to forget patient and passionate. I am not one to believe something is impossible especially if it is something I care deeply about, I always find a way to make it happen and bring my ideas to life. I knew the woman I wanted to be and although it seemed blurry and unachievable at the time, it wasn’t unattainable.

How was the growth process and what are your tips for upcoming brands and influencers struggling with audience outreach and exposure?

Growth is something that cannot be denied, it is a constant and that is what I have grown to understand.  My growth, if you have been following my journey for a while has been quite obvious. I always strive to out do myself and when I don’t meet up to my expectation, I know, I never lie to myself. Sometimes I dwell and criticize myself a lot. In as much as I would not want to admit this, I have to. It is my reality.

I have come to understand that I am self-motivated, I am the only one capable of giving myself the necessary pep talk I need to go forth and break boundaries. For brands struggling with outreach and exposure, be consistent with whatever it is you are doing, try to do it right always. It is always about quality, push the right content for whoever it is you want your audience to be. Know your audience, carve a niche for yourself in your market and be determined to always out do yourself. Get the right people to represent you and your brand and never join the bandwagon.The route to success is long, boring and very lonely so you have to be determined to fight your battles alone. Remember if it were easy everyone will do it and excel at it.

Your style is bold, fierce and confident. Do you ever second guess your style?

Never! Finding what my style is was one of the easiest part for me. I have always known what I want people to look at when they stare at me. These three words are directly proportional to who I am as a human being and since style is simply self expression, it only makes sense that I express myself the best way I can. So no second guessing what so ever.


Are there ever moments you get scared of people’s opinions regarding your style?

There will always be people who will have reservations about your style either from a good place or just to be over opinionated. Such people do not resonate with me. If there is anything I admire about myself it will be my ability to make decisions constantly without the consent or approval of human beings. When you have such a gift, people’s opinions will never affect you.


Have you ever received backlashes from peers, strangers and loved ones about your personal style, choices, life and career? How have you managed such situations?

Choices, life and career, never, and the reason being I am a very private person. So you are must likely to know where I am headed or what my choices in life when I have made them. Although for personal style, yes!  This is because style is something that cannot be hidden. How do I handle them? Very simple,  I block the noise and do what makes me feel better. The fun fact about life is, people just want to know that you have a will. The moment you never second guess yourself,  they will refrain from bringing unnecessary opinions to your notice. Consistency is key. Constantly doing the thing that makes you comfortable, eventually they will be comfortable with it or just shut up about it. I have never felt like I need to please anyone and if for some reason you seem too toxic for me, I cut you off and let you go.The world is filled with a lot of judgement already, if you can control a particular judgement at a given time, why shouldn’t you?


There’s normally a struggle with letting go of toxic people, especially the ones we love- family, friends, lovers. Should such people be let go, kept a distance or tolerated? What’s your take on such issues?

I feel it depends on who you are as a person, now if you can easily let people go especially when you don’t feel you can be yourself around these people, then you are at the top of the food chain, if you are a little more reluctant about letting people go, then you have to find a way to avoid such people who bring you down even your family.

The less they know the better. If you don’t give them something to talk about there will be very few things to communicate/judge. That being said, not everyone should be cut off because I value friendship and family but then again, if they claim to have your best interest at heart, they should be a lot more supportive because that is how it is supposed to be. We can’t always love the choices that other people make but if it makes them visibly happy,  shouldn’t we consider coming around as we think about it in a dark room full of thoughts.


How do you balance a healthy personal life with work routine?

Finding balance is usually the key word. It is never easy to find balance because at one point, one would be lacking the necessary attention it might need all in your bid to be excellent at the other. I must say it takes God to help you find balance. Having a 9-5 and then thinking of working on your dream afterwards sounds quite attainable but then when you realise that maybe you have to stay past 5, deal with traffic and them get home to just eat and rest, you would have to get used to saying “I would work on it tomorrow”  and before you know it, 5 years of your life has passed. Then you wake up one morning and you realize you are only a part of someone else’s success story while yours is still pending. If you are lucky to be doing what you love and your personal life is still slacking, then it might not be all that bad but just like so many other things in life, there is always room for improvement.


What is personal style to you?

Personal style to me is walking into a room and spilling who you are without having to say a word. It is those unsaid things that only a woman with style can say. In as much as we all love to have the Finer things in life, we also what to have a style that separates you from label-obsessed-fashion-freaks. Style when tastefully done pulls you out of a crowd and gives you the necessary visibility you need. It is never about having “the” outfit, it is always about making “the” outfit what you want it to look like in the eyes of others. Confidence is my number one equivalent to style because the only thing that can make you a stylish person, is the amount of confidence you wore before leaving the house. A woman with style is the woman who makes couture acceptable at a lunch party and senseless satin acceptable at a black tie.

Blogging is on the rise. What’s your advice to upcoming and establish influencers alike?

Just like I tell myself and every other person who cares to listen, consistency is key, be persistent and passionate about whatever thing you decide to blog. Quality over quantity always. Treat each post like your first, strive for perfection although we know for a fact that no one is perfect, still be close to it, think of something you can do better, either with locations or photography. It is always one step at a time and in blogging one post at a time that leads you to your end goal. It gets tough but if you believe you are born to do it then you are. Steve Harvey said, If you can think it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.


How can bloggers stick together and grow together?

There will always be people who sees you as a competition no matter how nice and helpful you try to be. But that should never stop you from hoping that there is always good in people even if you see it only in the minority. There is no competition, it usually always is in your head, that being said, there is no x, y, z step that should be followed to ensure bloggers  growing and sticking together, you just have to co-exist with each other and know that we are in this to help each other grow, either with words of encouragement or with partnerships.


What’s a no-no for brands looking to collaborate with influencers?

Brands refusing to pay for services rendered or just feel like they are adding up contents for you which is just fine. I mean, The word “influencer” is used to influence people decision to purchase your products and the mare fact that it is okay to not pay for services rendered is like hiring an advertising company to help come up with a kick-ass strategy to grow and advertise your products and at the end after you get favourable responses you just tell the company, thank you.


What was the major milestone that shot you to fame?

*Laughs* I think I am well known within my circle and people who are fashion enthusiasts which is fine because I took necessary measures to make sure I am known exclusively for what I do. Every other thing is an extra people don’t need to know. I just feel consistency  registered my name in people’s mind and that is what keeps me relevant.


What is your definition of success. Can you say you are successful?

One is said to be successful when they have achieved their aims and goals. That being said, I know that as a human being there are milestones which you get to and then you consider it as a successful stage in your life. I have registered a handful of successes and for that I am forever grateful to God.


In relationships, a lot of women lose their identity to their spouse both in style and life. Any tips on how women can be themselves rather than be a shadow of themselves in the name of love and sacrifice? Simply put, should partners of women dictate what they wear and choices they make? What can women do to step out of such situations?

African women mostly find themselves in such peculiar situations. It might either be because of what the culture demands which might influence their partner’s decision. Unfortunately, this has become a norm, so when a woman is married, she changes her style, lifestyle to soothe her partner; forgetting she also has a voice and an opinion in the relationship. I always say, it is what you allow that will continue, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal,  partners have to be very vocal about their feelings and stand for what they believe in. Every human being has a voice, so if you choose to use it or suppress it that’s on you. If you like your skirt a lot shorter say it and stand by it and if he isn’t fine with it, that’s fine. It really cannot be your problem that he feels a certain way and you shouldn’t make it. Eventually, he will adjust and if he doesn’t, then you probably don’t need a person who will dictate what’s what to you.


Who are the women who inspire you?

Beyoncé, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Marjorie Harvey, Shonda Rhimes, Viola Davis, my Mother and Sister. These women I have taken time to study for a very long time. Excellent in their fields both as a mother and a professional. They give women the necessary drive to rise above their crisis and  become outstanding either as an artist, a story teller,  a hustler, a fashionista and a mother. They are focused and driven women who I look up to.


Who are your ideal power couples?

Beyoncé and Jay,  Steve and Marjorie Harvey.


What one woman would you love to meet?

Oh my… Do I have to pick? Beyoncé.


Do you identify as a feminist?

Well do I believe in the equality of both sexes so yes if it pleases you, I am a feminist.


Your body is so fit and banging!! Do you work out or are you one of those who were just gifted with toned bodies?

I am gifted with a toned body. I am not necessarily lazy cause I would rather take walks or dance as my ideal exercise. But either way I rarely hit the gym.


A lot of women are unhappy with their body especially in the fashion industry. Being skinny seems to be the order of the day. Any advice for women struggling to embrace their body?

Self acceptance has always been preached about either in church,  school, during moral studies and several learning grounds. We still go home and spot all our insecurities. So even if it is not weight loss or gain, it will always be something. My simple advice is everyday, we spot something about our body we don’t like. Why not have a designated day where we choose to over look all that flaw and just choose to feel gorgeous. Choose being the key word because eventually it is all a choice.


Is there a lot of politics when it comes to the brand ambassador business?

Of course there is a lot of politics. I won’t go into details because of my confidentiality agreements but I feel brands can do a lot better especially when picking a brand ambassador.


We believe fat or slim, we must always be healthy. What does being healthy mean to you?

I am honestly not a health nut so I can’t give an accurate response.


Where do you see yourself as a person and brand in the next few years?

In a different stage of my life apparently life is about stages, fighting a different war I am currently fighting and ticking various achievements and having new beginnings.


Any projects we should anticipate? Or is everything hush hush for now?

With me everything is always hush hush. When everyone needs to know, I shall spill.


The fashion industry is very competitive for bloggers, designers, stylists and all the sectors. How can people thrive in spite of the competitions?

 Bloggers/Influencers, Designers, Stylists,  Models all make the fashion industry. There is absolutely no need for anyone to feel like there is competition.
Acknowledging and accepting everyone for the role they play in the fashion industry, is the only way to thrive in this industry.

What is your advice to the woman struggling with her personal style, fear, identity and purpose?

Get yourself a copy of Violet Simon’s E-book. 😌
On a more serious note, we all struggle with finding what makes us who we believe we are. We go through life with the mindset that we are supposed to figure it out and if you don’t you are a lot slower than the rest and that resides in your mind because you then ask yourself what exactly is my own area of speciality?
On Personal Style: You are the dictator of your style, you are the pilot, show the world what style means to you. Mix those colors, play with those patterns do what ever makes you feel your absolute best everyday. The world cannot and will never tell you what your style is. It is your duty and responsibility to find your style and debut it to the world because that is you and the world will have to adjust to what ever you throw at it.
On Fear: I will be the first to admit that I am constantly afraid, either by what is to come or what might not come, everything scares me. But I have learnt to trust God and trust the process and learn from someone who has been there that eventually everything will be fine. Someone once told me,  if you won’t be bothered about it in the next 5 years, then don’t be bothered about it now. Easier said than done right? I know. I am very skeptical because I am not a “Now” girl (live in the moment) I like to have it all figured out but in all honesty, I haven’t been quite successful to some extent. The universe feeds into your fear and once you don’t feed it, it will not bother you.
On Identity: The truth is because I know myself, that is how I am able convince people to buy into my idea. You are your number 1 sales person. The moment you don’t sell yourself properly to the next person, they will never buy anything else you are trying to sell. Find yourself, brand yourself, put yourself in the right light, and never ever forget it’s you before any other person, is it selfish, oh yes! Definitely. Will everyone be fine, most definitely.
On purpose: Every human being wakes up with one question, ‘what is my purpose?’ That question is what leads them to have their bath and get ready for work because they feel that takes them a step closer to your purpose. Finding your purpose is like discovering the light at the end of the tunnel because then you feel the need to fight and struggle. For the woman struggling to find her purpose, take a piece of paper and write down what you have always wanted to do which the world have not permitted you to do. Then, put it in your purse and as you go about your day, never forget where your mind lies, what your true purpose is. Be very meticulous and very aware. Stay watchful and focused. Although it isn’t difficult to decipher that I am a woman with lots of hope and sometimes the world doesn’t permit you to have those, know that the very successful people are those that hoped and prayed, had faith, worked and succeeded.
Lastly, with commitment you will excel but with consistency you will finish well.

You can follow Angel on Instagram @styleconnaisseur

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