When it comes to head wraps, there are so many reasons to love head wraps or have one in your closet.

Head wraps are perfect for elevating your style look. They can turn a basic look to a sophisticated look.

They are also great for the bad hair days or those periods you really do not feel like styling your hair or wearing hair extensions. They are easy and an amazing asset to your closet.

African prints give a dramatic feel to your look and when they come in form of head wraps, they are just off the chart!!

We recently came across some African print head wraps on Instagram and were instantly blown away. They sure do have a way of creating some spark .

We’ve compiled a number of mind blowing  African prints head wraps with shopping details. So if you’re as excited as we are and ready to scoop some head wraps up, keep reading.

£24.57 (SHOP)

£19.19 (SHOP)

£20.73 (SHOP)

£22.26 (SHOP)

£19.19 (SHOP)

£19.96 (SHOP)

£19.96 (SHOP)

$26 (SHOP)

$25 (SHOP)

$25 (SHOP)

$38 (SHOP)

$24 (SHOP)

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