By Cresta Okonkwo

In a nutshell, to me fearless means being unapologetically the best version of yourself that you can be! I am encouraged daily to pursue my wildest dreams even if it means overcoming in the face of adversity; dreams that are inspired by those who I look up to everyday. For example, everybody who knows Cresta knows I am inseparable from the hit TV show ‘Scandal’ as despite the court room and White House dramatisation, a black woman stands at the forefront as the female lead, a FORMIDABLE one at that! When not playing Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington is a beautiful, educated and empowering woman with a background in humanitarianism and generally making the world a better place! What is more fearless than that?

BUT! Being fearless doesn’t always have to mean changing the world. Being fearless includes the small things in life! I dance alongside studying full-time and it has challenged me in many ways that an entire degree has not! Despite being a hobby, I’ve not only developed physically but also mentally. Already being a people’s person and quite extravagant, I thought performing would be a walk in the park. However, these things do not equate to confidence and fearlessness! Through challenging myself, I can now say I have performed in front of hundreds of people. Go on stage and jump into splits? Sure! I was FEARLESS. And I loved every. Single. Minute of it.

Being a blogger in itself is something that requires a lot of personal growth. If you are fearful in the blogging industry, you are human just like the rest of us. Putting a portion of your life out there for the public to analyze requires endurance, thick skin and a certain degree of insanity (kidding!!). Since I started my little platform, posting content about my inner thoughts and opinions, ironically, I have been humbled and have evolved in so many ways. Blogging has been my most terrifying yet thrilling and fearless experience!

Fearless means embodying every inspiration you have and becoming that woman you dreamed of being when you were young! Fearless means taking chances and pursuing paths you may not have foreseen in order to reach your destination. Most importantly, fearless to me personally means acceptance. Acceptance of one’s self wholly and absolutely, acceptance of our uniqueness and what stands us apart from others, acceptance of what we can learn and adopt from others; acceptance of ourselves. It is all good and well saying this and I don’t know about you but I already feel liberated as I sit here furiously pouring my soul out into my keyboard (could I be any more of a drama queen?) but it is time to act on these thoughts! Get up and pursue that dream career, make those connections, meet new people, experience new cultures! I think if more people globally put into practice what we preach, there is hope for humanity yet.

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